As we move into an age of technological advancements, one dominant trend has taken over most industries – the replacement of human capital by robots. This is a given for the majority of today’s big companies, even more so for those who have established their presence online.

Take Amazon for example, the multinational company has strong online presence at the core of its business. Amazon has adapted to the latest online technological innovations by being one of the first companies to implement chatbots in the form of automated artificial intelligence machines onto its website. This allows for the company to provide instant assistant to customers online.

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Implementing chatbots can provide companies with several perks, as well as potential new challenges. However, in the age of today where consumers are constantly willing to challenge the norms, one common theme has risen when it comes to the use of artificial intelligence – Does technology need to be gender labeled?

In most cases, gender allocation of online bots helps to humanize the machine, which in turn facilitates interactions. However, it also brings up controversy and questions about sexism.

It has been argued that genderless bots are the future and that companies need to try and provide more personalization when it comes to their usage. Online companies take notes – this is an interesting thought for existing, as well as new online business to take into consideration.




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