Meet the team

Riccardo Giani

Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Riccardo Giani is author, co-founder and editor-in-chief at They Don't Love You. Originally from Italy, he spends his free time pursuing his many interests, including (but not limited to) marketing, advertising, branding, technology and heavy metal.

Ferdinand Prinz

Ferdinand Prinz is author and co-founder of They Don't Love You. He has always been passionate about the creative aspects around marketing and has gained experience in various companies and start-ups.

Meha Ashar

Managing Editor

Meha is a pure Londoner and Content Editor with the excess knowledge of creative markets especially Luxury, Fashion, and Cosmetics. This is where she will explode all her literary energy in the form of articles rather than the usual Press Releases that brought her to creative writing!

Dave Jameson

Born and bred in the exotic streets of Guildford - Dave is powered by a logical yet imaginative mind that has him obsessed with the power of creative communications, viral marketing and innovations.

Shane O'Rourke

Managing Editor

This Irish expat took up the helm of Associate Editor at TDLY following a background in magazine publishing, media planning and market research. On his time off, you’ll find Shane sipping coffee in Soho or busting a move in Shoreditch. Personal editorial passions include artificial intelligence and social responsibility. If you’re reading an article with a sarcastic undertone, it’s most likely Shane’s handiwork.

Thais Frade

Author & Social Media Manager

Alexandra Blackburn

Canadian-born Alexandra is a contributor at TDLY. With her articles she explores the connection between fashion, music and marketing.

Madeleine Quinn

Madeleine is a contributor at They Don't Love You. MSc at Imperial College Business School, her main interests are marketing and advertising.

Adriana Tatcheva

Adriana is a contributor at They Don't Love You. She is interested in the more creative part of marketing, with a special attention for the fashion and luxury industries. Currently an Imperial College student, she previously studied visual merchandising at Marangoni Fashion School.

Alex MacDonald

Born and raised South of the river, Alex is no newcomer to the fast paced energy marketing and advertising thrives off. A man of the night, Alex enjoys the thrills city life brings when the sun goes down and the city lights brighten the night sky.

Alice Deguilhem

Alice Deguilhem is a contributor at They Don’t Love You. Although born and bred in France, she defines herself as a citizen of the world having studied, lived and worked in 3 different countries over the last 5 years. She is passionate about the power of brands and how they can impact people’s perceptions of things. She is also the creator of her own marketing blog.

Anine Benedicte Kierulf

Anine Kierulf is from Norway and has a passion for marketing and staying updated with the latest marketing buzz and trends.

Carolina Plexidas

Carolina is a Greek and Spanish, MSc Strategic Marketing student at Imperial College. With a background in graphic and media design and a passion for branding she believes that creativity is an essential skill for any successful marketer.

Chloe Thevenin

Chloe is an author at They Don't Love You. She is a bit of paradox in itself: a Thai Boxing Ballerina with a love for traveling and fluent in three languages. Passion and enthusiasm are two key components of her personality, which she displays in her articles on advertising and branding. Also a major foodie and a wannabe singer in her free time.

Cecilia Linares

Cecilia is a contributor at They Don't Love you and an Italian student of Advertising at London College of Communication. She lives a "love-hate" relationship with the advertising world but is deeply intrigued by its communication rules. She is a ski lover and a sport enthusiast.

Charlotte Spillman

Charlotte is an MSc Strategic Marketing student obsessed with beauty and branding. At the weekends, she falls asleep on the sofa watching Soccer Saturday and will devour a fry up and a Bloody Mary on a Sunday. A hopeless romantic with solid wifey skills.

Danai Kotzakoulaki

Danai is a contributor of They Don’t Love You. She is captivated by the world of branding and fascinated by the communities formed around brands. She has worked internationally on several marketing teams across three countries and three industries.

Jean-Paul Diaz Caneja

Jean-Paul, most commonly known as JP, is an author at They don’t love you. He has worked in Europe and Asia, and is passionate about branding, marketing, psychology, and travelling.

Eva Corba

Eva is a French Dutch, yet Londoner, born in Oslo and raised in Belgium. She has a critical mind and will contribute to make you understand why They Don't Love You.

Aaron Farhad Abdullayev

Aaron is a student of MSc Strategic Marketing and a contributor at They Don’t Love You. He is originally from Azerbaijan (in the globally obscure part of the map — the Caucasus), speaks four languages and, surprise, loves everything marketing-related.

Giulia Santoloci

Born in Genoa, 19 years old since 2008. During her childhood she wanted to become paladin of France, instead she is today studying Advertising & Marketing Leeds University Business School. She she lives with a mannequin called Mary Sue and Elvis, a stuffed monkey, who works as an astronaut.

Guillaume Codsi

Guillaume Codsi is another marketing enthusiast. He is a proud geek, gamer and football fan. He recently started to focus on E-Businesses and their role in our economy.

Heikal Aliakber

Heikal counts at least eight ethnicities in his racial background, but is a New Yorker at heart. With a global integrated marketing background in music and entertainment, he is passionate about merging the digital and physical worlds to create stunning brand experiences.

Honza Herodek

Passionate marketing student specializing in strategic marketing, and especially branding of both companies and individuals.

Hugo Peurois

From rural France to London via Montreal, Hugo is a graduate marketing student at Imperial College Business and a contributor at They Don't Love You. In his free time, he likes to think of himself as a creative guy with his Polaroid SX-70, but the truth is that he only has to press the button to take the shot. Even a monkey could do it.

Loucas Charalambides

Loucas Charalambides, originally from Cyprus, is responsible for the Twitter account and a contributor of They Don't Love You. Having studied marketing for his bachelor and masters degree, he is passionated about brands, advertising and digital marketing.

Jacob Dong

Jacob Dong is an author at They don't love you. He is a foodie and a wannabe film connoisseur. He has work experience in B2B marketing and is interested in Branding Strategies.

Lisa Jaschke

Lisa Jaschke is a contributor at They Don't Love You. With a background in finance she is particularly interested in how digital disruption transforms the banking industry and how marketers can capitalise on big data to enhance customer experience and drive business value.

Valeria Rebrentseva

Valeria Rebrentseva is a contributor to They Don't Love You. She was born and raised in the industrial city of Magnitogorsk, Russia. In contrast to her "school of hard knocks" image, she is passionate into branding science, neuro-marketing and consumer behaviour.

Barry Sixx

Barry Sixx is an author for TDLY. He is a total watch geek and a dj. Being open-minded, creative and experimental, the ultimate dedication of his life is to formulate the perfect blend of entrepreneurship, marketing strategy, partnerships and technology.

Margherita Capitanio

Margherita is a contributor at They Don't Love You. A wannabe novelist, she is passionate about the digital world, interested in the creative aspect of marketing communications and fond of all things artsy.

Marion Bouchut

Marion is an author at They Don't Love You. Originally from Paris, she came to London to complete her studies at Imperial College. She is passionate about Advertising and Communication and is fascinated by the complexity and subtlety of human brain and consumer behavior.

Mikaela Stark

Mikaela Stark is a Marketing Strategist with experience in Luxury Brand Management, Digital Technology and Finance. Now based in London, she is commencing a creative career within Digital and Retail. Mikaela is bilingual and international – raised in Scandinavia and educated in Spain and the UK.

Nina Konstantinidou

Nina is a contributor at They Don't Love You and a postgraduate student in Strategic Marketing at Imperial College. Her main interests are technology, fashion and branding.

Aaron Teo

Born in Malaysia, Bred in Shanghai, Studying in London. Third Culture Kid. Scuba Diver. Aaron manages the Facebook page of TDLY.

Rohan Tejwani

Rohan is a Masters student at Imperial College London and writes about the latest in tech.

Sarah Baas

Originally hailing from Berlin, Europe's capital of cool, Sarah Baas is fascinated by topics and trends at the intersection of fashion and digital. As a contributor for They Don't Love You, she draws on her broad background in fashion, marketing and e-commerce to explore the latest developments in this field.

Shwetha Suresh

Shwetha is a young marketer from India (the target market of all the brands you love) who studied in London (the birthplace of several brands you know). She is curious and she loves discussing/debating about everything that branding has done to the world around us.

Theresa Goetze

Having worked in the luxury fashion industry as well as in strategic branding Theresa contributes to They Don’t Love You on the promotional as well as on the creative side. The Berlin/London/Milan lover is passionate about branding, advertising art, fashion and inspirational people.

Nikita Trofimov

Nikita is a contributor at They Don't Love You. Originally from Russia, Nick is passionate about politics and technology. You will notice it in his articles. And while he was writing his description his friend asked him to mention that he is very tall. So, he's very tall.

Virginie Bauman

Virginie is a contributor at They Don’t Love You. Swiss-born, avid traveller and guilty foodie, she is eager to get involved in exciting ventures to be challenged, such as the TEDx event she organised. Passionate about emotional branding, she aims at pursuing a career in the luxury industry.

Vivian Wichers

Vivian, Hamburg born, but Berlin lover, always tried to combine her love in media, fashion, and art. By moving to London, she completes her already gained knowledge from working for several fashion companies and media agencies with her current digital marketing studies, as a "Cherry on the Top"