The world’s first Instagram live video was released this week in the United States. With this significant innovation, Instagrammers can now go live by broadcasting their own video with their followers in the story section of Instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg believes the possibility of sharing live videos with the world “is a big shift in how we communicate, and it’s going to create new opportunities for people to come together.” But an essential question remains for marketers; How can the industry capitalize on this new feature?

A game changing feature for innovative marketing

To promote Instagram live feature, the company is currently sending notifications to users telling them when you start broadcasting. This is a great way to get noticed and attract many viewers but you must make sure you don’t start and stop your Instagram live video too often or frequent notifications could annoy your followers. It seems that the more your business is live, the more visible your account will be in the new live videos section of the “Explore” tab. But over exaggerating the use of Instagram live videos could result in less interest from current followers. So here are a few ways marketers could use this innovative marketing revolutionary feature.

Best Instagram live videos practices

There are many ways to exploit this opportunity with the potential to improve your brand image, expand your audience and deepen customer’s engagement. Marketers must select a strategy aligned to their business goal and keep on testing their results.


Play with your audience

People love being entertained and will always recall good moments to your brand if your live video interaction is impactful enough. Engaging people through live games and competitions can inspire people and increase loyalty. Every marketer must keep in mind “emotions is the currency of internet” as mentioned at IAB UK “Video: Thinking Differently” and incorporate a playful aspect to their Instagram live videos.

For example, organised a brilliant innovative marketing campaign with Captain Obvious “streaming a stream”. Viewers were invited to tweet #ObviousLiveStream every time they could see a rubber ducks floating down the river.captain obvious, live streaming, stream

Captain Obvious – Live Streaming A Stream

Educate your audience

Playing also is a great way to attract attention and generate a positive opinion towards the brand, teaching your audience by sharing expertise is invaluable. Here are a few ideas to educate your followers:

  • Hosting an Instagram live interactive Q&A with experts, employees or even customers and engaging with your audience by answering questions in real time.
  • Organise free live classes or a live tutorial to show your product to followers to increase their trust and product understanding.
  • Live Interviews

Take your audience behind-the-scenes

By welcoming your followers to discover your company from inside is the best way to humanize your business. But it is important to maintain a high-quality content and to stage the environment a minimum. And it also opens the door to allow interactions on a different level as opposed to merely posting images and adverts – thus creating value for the consumer in a new way.

Tease new products and services

Instagram live videos can be used to expand pre-launch product buzz. Giveaway a few secrets about your upcoming products and services live. Live videos innovation can’t be saved meaning special discounts could be given to your live video followers.


You are now set to update your Instagram marketing strategy. If you have more Instagram live video ideas, we’d love to hear you even though our magazine is called “They Don’t Love You”.





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