After having witnessed Triumph, a “triumph” of an ad, featuring Frozen star, Anna, searching for “The One”, it is time to look at how jelewers use the ultimate symbol of love, the diamond ring, to represent marriage and “The One”, eternal love. What Triumph’s and Harry Winston’s communications strategies have in common this spring is the hashtag #FindTheOne and the search for the true love. What Harry Winston offers is the diamond and the sparkle of love.

#FindTheOne, diamond, or husband? Harry Winston reminds us that when you have found The One, you have to find the right ring. Spring is here, and May is the start of the official wedding season. Harry Winston reminds us that the time has come to find that perfect ring… and that should a be a Harry Winston ring. Anyone interested in proposing?

To officially commemorate the start of wedding season, Harry Winston has invited all social media followers to the Harry Winston Bridal showcase on the 14th of April. This event might make some of the men reading get goose bumps. but it will surely make the women daydream and deeply engage with the Harry Winston brand.

To support that, last year Harry Winston launched two unique twin rings. The fronts is classic, small and elegant. The sides, on the other hand, form a “H” and “W”. Do these initials stand for “Husband” and “Wife” or “Harry” and “Winston”? I would say both. The message is simple, clear and clever. The rings look more branded than ever, traditional yet personal and bold.

‘I pronounce you Husband and Wife’. Catchy? Traditional? Cliché? And how have diamond rings become THE engagement ring? It is believed that the tradition dates back to Roman times, when women wore rings attached to keys to show their husband’s ownership. In 1477 the first diamond ring was created. Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave it to Mary of Burhundy. This is how it all begun, diamonds became popular among the European Aristocracy. Today, we would like to believe that rings are not about ownership, but about feelings, and somehow diamonds have turned into the international symbol of love.







Adriana is a contributor at They Don't Love You. She is interested in the more creative part of marketing, with a special attention for the fashion and luxury industries. Currently an Imperial College student, she previously studied visual merchandising at Marangoni Fashion School.

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