The American company GoPro has been implementing some of the world’s most successful marketing campaigns by putting forwards the possibility of capturing memories with their action camera. Even though the company is now extending to the drone market, over the past few years, the degree of innovation seems to be fading away and is directly impacting sales and stock price.

To face the challenge, GoPro finally launched their first drone called “Karma” with a similar strategy: Karma is more than a drone.

Four days before the official launch, GoPro sent an unusual email to all its subscribers entitled: “Change is in the air” with a large video displaying a typical GoPro image but followed by the designed logo of KARMA.Karma, email, video, meet karma, drone, GoproThe call to action, lead us directly to a new GoPro web page composed of 4 videos made with GoPro drone, but no images of the drone were available which stimulated people’s curiosity:

The message was clear, nothing more was going to be shared before the official launch (4 days later). However, GoPro fans and started speculating and dreaming about GoPro drone to the extent that “GoPro Inc. rose as much as 6.3%” according to Bloomberg.

Finally, on the 19th of September, GoPro’s landing page was inspiring simplicity with its slogan “IT ALL GETS EASY”

GoPro, landing page, CountdownBefore revealing the drone’s shape out of the black background accompanied with a link to follow GoPro event live. Investors weren’t convinced by GoPro’s portable drone but consumers are very excited about Karma. GoPro is now in the air, let’s see if it will bring good or bad Karma.

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