With celebrities endorsing a range of sportswear and fashion, it is no surprise that brands as a result, do extremely well – prime example Adidas and Kanye’s ‘Yeezys’. What most sportswear aficionados probably already know; but the rest of us would find surprising, Puma’s AW16 collection with Rihanna, titled Fenty, has consistently sold out on both releases within 2 days. The newest collection was sold out within a few days.


Rita Ora’s collection with Adidas did not have as much success in comparison to Rihanna’s with Puma, which is unparalleled to Kanye West’s with Adidas who is coming up to the level of achievement Michael Jordan has had with Nike.

This has proven that some celebrity collaborations work and some do not. However, it does raise the question of ‘is it the celebrity that enabled the triumph or failure?’ moreover ‘does it depend on who the celebrity is?’ Or is it simply related to the aesthetics of the products.

Nonetheless the excitement for trainers (or sneakers) will never allure some of us and will render others in an endless spiral of refreshing their browsers waiting for a release!

We wish you luck sneaker heads!





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