If it’s not online it didn’t happen, right? That is the mentality of many social media users nowadays who have grown up in the digital age.

For many of us, interacting with others online has become second nature to the point where we don’t even notice how often we’re pulling out our phones to brows through Facebook and Instagram. The social media epidemic has hit us all, with over 2 Billion of the world’s population on social media and 90% of them being young millennials.

Now let’s take a moment to ask ourselves- Is living through an online profile on a glass screen worth our mental health?InstagramStudies from The Royal Society for Public Health have revealed that Instagram is the most dangerous social media platform contributing to negative effects on young mental health. As serious as this issue is, it has clearly been overlooked rather than being addressed head-on. Some of the side effects linked to damaging health and well-being include: anxiety, depression, loneliness, bullying and body image.

Although many people have positive intent on using these platforms as a force for good, nobody is immune to these negative side-effects. If you agree that social media is fueling a mental health crisis then it’s time to speak up about it and change the way we use it.




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