Heidi Klum x Lidl – Latest Fashion Collaboration

International Supermodel, Heidi Klum, has partnered with supermarket giant Lidl by developing a new clothing range that is ‘high-end and affordable’ and mostly accessible to everyone.

As we know retail outlets are great at marketing their collaborations for example H&M famously has collaborated with many fashion designers and artists. This is a collaboration that we are yet to see, a supermarket and a supermodel.

Klum has previously designed for Victoria’s Secret, Birkenstock and even jewellery for luxury Swiss company, Mouawad.

Although the supermarket chain has remained quite vague about the specifics of this collaboration, we know that the full collection will be released later this year across UK, Europe and the US.

This could be the start of a new trend with fashion collaborations? – The combinations are endless!


Image Courtesy: Sky News


Fashion Week Controversy

It is no secret that the fashion industry is no stranger to crossing boundaries when it comes to social, political and environmental norms. In light of London Fashion Week, it is important to understand how the fashion industry is taking a significant step forward, followed by two steps back.

Animal rights has always been such a controversial topic when it comes to fashion. Major fashion labels heavily rely on fine materials and animals skins in order to maintain their luxury quality standards. However, this certainly comes at a cost. The real question is- who has the power to control what the famous designer labels are sending down the runway?

PETA ProtestImage : PETA Protest with courtesy from Rebecca Stewart

PETA has made their voice heard this London Fashion Week, sending  women outside fashion shows to protest against animal cruelty. The activists made sure their messaged was delivered in a very memorable way- but is this enough to shake up the whole fashion industry and create change?

Whether its encouraging the public to become vegan or sending activists to protest against the use of animal skins, PETA sure knows how to make a statement and stand up for change. Recently, the animal rights group bought its own shares in major fashion labels with the intention of stopping the alleged animal abuse from occurring. One thing is for sure, PETA is living by the famous saying- “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”- and we commend you for it PETA.

A Fashion Throwback to the 90s

The fashion brand GAP has created a new campaign focusing on its past in order to improve its future. The add features several celebrities who stared in their early-day campaigns back in the 90s, including Naomi Campbell, Rumer Willis and Evan Ross.

GAP was one of the thriving brands of the 1990s, making it appropriate for them to dig deep into their archive and bring forth their authentic heritage.

Check out their latest ad campaign used to promote their limited-edition line.

Unleash your Creativity

The recent launch of the ‘Unleash your Creativity’ campaign by Adidas communicates the company’s focus on female empowerment and challenging social norms. Lia Stierwalt at Adidas reveals the driving force of this campaign is the notion that success and sense of accomplishment is achieved through much more than simply tapping into your physical abilities. Stierwalt asserts that  “…engaging an athlete’s imagination to unleash their creativity will take them further than their mind or body ever could.”

The Democratization of Fashion

We all love to hate on it. Fashion has become one of top controversial and most spoken about topics of our generation. Whether trends undergo the bubble-up or trickle-down effect, we all experience and are all affected by it on some social level.

As one of the current youthful and urban fashion brands, Calvin Klein has decided to take initiative and make the brand more accessible to consumers. It has done so by providing their made-to-measure service not just to VIP clients, but to all. Not exciting enough? The fashion house has also collaborated with ‘Stranger Things’ actress, Millie Bobby Brown launch its new campaign and start their democratization of fashion.