As we all know, Christmas adverts are supermarket’s time to shine – at least for their Creative, Advertising, and Marketing teams. However, as consumers we have never taken the time to appreciate the magical delights that are Easter adverts!

So here are the Supermarket Advert Ratings: Easter Edition…


The German supermarket depicts a beautiful dreamland of festive treats with the words to “My Favourite Things” from the classic “The Sound of Music” altered to reflect the on going theme. A wonderfully made advert that gives the semblance of a child’s dream or maybe even a chef!

TDLY ratings for:

Creativity – 8/10                            Marketing – 7/10                          Festivity – 9/10

Total Score = 24



A brilliant series of Easter ads – five to be exact! The main one showing a typical classroom situation with very young children being told by their teacher that they will be planning an Easter Egg Hunt for their parents. With all the excitement and fuss that this creates it allows Lidl to give their audience a sense of whimsy and nostalgia towards the season.

TDLY ratings for:

Creativity – 7/10                            Marketing – 8/10                          Festivity – 9/10

Total Score = 24



Amidst their rebranding Morrison’s gives the feeling that they just needed to whip up an ad for the seasonal period. Although the thought behind the message and the emotion it brings it shows lack of creativity. Nonetheless they are able to display a lovely array of items from Morrison’s with the hint of humour.

TDLY ratings for:

Creativity – 5/10                            Marketing – 7/10                          Festivity – 8/10

Total Score = 20



You’ll either have nightmares or be in complete hysterics! Only Asda; the company that made patting your bottom to show you saved money an iconic gesture, would be able to pull this off! A giant chocolate hen being delivered to an Asda supermarket is the opening scene, this hen is alive and then climbs on top of the store to lay chocolate eggs that fall through a hatch on the roof into the store to an eagerly awaiting crowd!

TDLY ratings for:

Creativity – 7/10                            Marketing – 6/10                          Festivity – 7/10

Total Score = 20



An inspired ad that is seemingly British, presenting what children can do in the space of their fortnight long Easter break! Not only do they display foods but they also show home crafts ideas for young ones (using Tesco containers and 5p bags) in this aptly titled montage; “14 Days of Helps”. The altered take on what needs to be shown in an Easter advert is surprisingly exceptional in its own simplicity.

TDLY ratings for:

Creativity – 9/10                            Marketing – 8/10                          Festivity – 6/10

Total Score = 23



This is a wonderfully eclectic arrangement of clips that give hints of what more one could add to their traditional Easter foods. Perfectly named #LittleTwists playlist, gives the idea of adding bacon to hot cross buns and ginger beer to roast lamb with the exciting big band music playing in the background! These mouth-watering ads have given the British consumer a delightful medley of options for their festive treats.

TDLY ratings for:

Creativity – 9/10                            Marketing – 8/10                          Festivity – 8/10

Total Score = 25



The array of Waitrose food arranged on this perfectly white table cloth is the opening scene with an extremely British male voiceover describing flavours of Easter eggs finishing with a cameo of celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal. That’s about it – the simplicity and direct message is liberating considering all the other adverts from their competitors. There is a lack of imagination however this is quite forgiven with the minimalistic portrayal of Easter at Waitrose.

TDLY ratings for:

Creativity – 6/10                            Marketing – 8/10                          Festivity – 7/10


Marks and Spencer

Who doesn’t love an M&S ad!! We all do…from the Christmas and Valentines ads that leave the audience salivating to the skilfully orchestrated display of their pre-packaged foods. This display of chocolate in the “Adventures in What Came First?” video is as wholesome as the rest of them. Although this is not a new venture in terms of creativity for M&S, they always know how leave the consumer magically stimulated.

TDLY ratings for:

Creativity – 7/10                            Marketing – 9/10                          Festivity – 8/10

Total Score = 24

Happy Easter Folks!




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